Hardware Set for DIY-Wall Folding Table

always wall attached

always wall attached

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Stainless steel hardware for a simple DIY wall folding table with 2 legs (not detachable from wall). With this hardware a simple version of a wall folding table can be handmade by using basic equipment of wood craft tools (drilling machine, saw, hand tools). In our product description and the product manual we give advice on how such a table could be realized and which dimensions should be adhered to. We propose design solutions of table details.

The hardware of this DIY folding table differs from the IvyDesign folding tables as Model “Classic” and Model “Premium” and resembles solutions of Model “Standard”.

Recommended minimum and maximum dimensions:

50cm (W) x 78cm (L) x 78cm (H) = 19,6 (W) x 30,7 (L) x 30,5 (H) inch
150cm (W) x 150cm (L) x 120cm (H) = 59 (W) x 59 (L) x 47 (H) inch

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 lower wall mounts
  • 2 upper wall mounts
  • 2 bolts to block the table legs when the table is in use
  • 2 pivots to fold the table up and down
  • 1 allen key for pivots
  • 4 hinges
  • construction manual
  • manual

Additional information


stainless steel, brushed




for elements from our own production: brushed steel


12 metal parts (Design: IvyDesign, production: Austria) and accessories

not included

Screws and bolts for mounting on your individual wall, wooden parts


Größe: perfect for 3-5 people
empfohlene Dimensionen: 130 x 85 x 75cm
(individual Size, see Infofolder)
Wandfixiert: 2 table legs


Delivery: 10 working days
Shipping: Europe, Overseas

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Packaging: recycled box


Infofolder: DIY wall folding table   Scope of delivery