The use of wood and other renewable resources is an active contribution to climate protection. IVYDESIGN uses only materials that have a beneficial effect on human health and the environment. Our goal is to create high quality, sustainable furniture. The use of wood contributes to climate protection: trees absorb our CO2 emissions. You need the carbon atoms contained therein for their growth and give according to the process of photosynthesis, large amounts of oxygen into the environment. 1 m³ of wood stores carbon from 1 tonne of CO2; a 20 meter high tree provides the daily requirement of oxygen for 30 people. We use mainly organic materials as different types of woods which are used for the inner construction of our furniture as well as for wooden veneers.

PICTURE TABLE & MIRROR TABLE have elaborate inner structures to combine suitable qualities:

• Leight weight: for a comfortable folding up and down of the table
• Stability: As one of the major difference between usual folding tables our tables are characterized by high stability, by a high load capacity and high quality.
• Thickness of material: make the tables solid and sturdy
• Longevity: Those parts of the table that have to withstand forces of movement are made of very robust hardwood parts
• Surface feel: Thanks to the low thermal conductivity wood is an attractive and good feeling material. It feels great to touch wooden surfaces and in contrary to other materials like metals, glass or pastics it feels warm and pleasant.

Wood Types

Cotton Wood

For the inner construction of the table tops we partly use cotton wood, which is the ideal material to keep the table top sturdy and increase it´s load capacity. Beyond that we use cotton wood because of its perfect processing capacities and lightness that makes it the ideal material to construct our light weight panels. As other kinds the volume of wood solid cotton wood is dependent of temperature and humidity. Therefore we use cotton plywood for the core of our table tops. Because of the laminated layers of this processed wood we receive an even more sturdy and shape-retaining cotton wood material.


Parts of Picture Table & Mirror Table that have to withstand movements when folding the table up or down we use solid beechwood. Thanks to its high density, rigidity and availability on the domestic market we chose this kind of wood that guarantees high durability and high resistance against possible wearing of stressed parts. Beechwood is one of the most important and all-purpose timbers of the European market. It serves both as basis of textile-fibres (Viscose- and Lyocell) and for building furniture. Due to its homogeneous surface beechwood can be wood stained / colored in many different shades.


For the IvyDesign Rocking Horses like Rocking Greyhound Lessie, the Rocking Polar bear Julius and the Rocking wolf Andi we use oiled birch plywood that is strong and stays in shape for a long time.

OVERVIEW of European Hardwood

In contrary to pinewoods hardwoods have a greater variety of colors, patterns and structures. Both, hardwoods and pinewoods, also called softwoods, are used as building materials and for furniture production. Both serve as resource for paper manufacture. Hard woods grow slower, more irregular and have therefore more offcut. Still for creating high quality furniture they are a prefered material because of their individual patterns.