Mirror Table with real wood veneer Blackboard Table


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This Table is all you really need! It is all in one, a Picture that can also be used as a Table

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The IvyDesign wall-folding-tables turn into a picture frame when they are not in use. The strong wood construction is an aesthetic and novel kind of folding table, which quickly and easily becomes an elegant, trendy and modern picture frame for paintings, posters or photo collages. One person can change from table to picture frame and vice versa in under 20 seconds. No tools or assistance required! The individual artwork can be placed into the frame, or, for people who prefer, we offer this fold up desk construction with a mirror instead of plexiglass. Depending on the Model up to 6 people can be seated comfortably on the special dining table– ideal for mdall flats, dining rooms in a spacious corridor or multifunctional coffee houses. The sophisticated constructions of our walltables Model Standard, Model Premium and Model Premium designed by Verena Lang are available in many colors and veneers like macassar, birch, maple, oak, beech and are manufactured with the closest of attention to detail.

Picture Frame Folding function Dining Table


Perfect workmanship realized by Austrian carpenters.


Special, prupose built hinges and folding mechanimds with high precision.


Thorougly through thought details with high-end


For Model Classic and Premium

Order a real wood veneer, a high quality Primeboard surface or a color of your choice for your table. We need the international RAL-color-code for individual colors. Please contact us if you have questions.


For Model Classic and Premium

You are free to choose a veneer from real woods. On our website we offer a choice of different veneers. Other veneers can be ordered as well. Please therefore contact us.


For Model Standard

You can apply your own stain, oil or bee wax on this Model which we deliver with a raw spruce surface.


Smart furniture by IvyDesign: We develop and manufacture innovative furniture, which are based on ecological design concepts. Products of our small series can be easily customized in color, surfaces and dimensions. All types of our folding tables are characterized by high quality details and thereby perfect handling which starts with an uncomplicated mounting and a well explained mounting manual. We use ecological materials for our designs as well as for parcels.

We work together with socio-economic companies to support protected employment. The result of our collaboration with socio-economic companies are small series of high quality furniture which are made with love to detail.