DIY Style of Model Premium

Detachable from wall

Furniture fittings folding table

Base price:


Delivery time: Standard (max 10 working days)



Stainless steel hardware for a tall DIY wall folding table with 4 legs (detachable from wall). With this hardware a version of a wall folding table can be handmade by using equipment of wood craft tools. In our product description and the product manual we give advice on how such a table could be realized and which dimensions should be adhered to. We propose design solutions of table details.

The hardware of this DIY folding table resembles our of Model “Premium”.

Recommended minimum and maximum dimensions:

70cm (W) x 150cm (L) x 75cm (H) = 27,5 (W) x 59 (L) x 29,5 (H) inch
dependes on the material you build your table of and structural stability of your wall

Scope of delivery:

4 x folding mechanism including arrester for table legs
4 x larger magnets

2 x arrester for picture frame sideways
2 x hinges as part of lock sideways
2 x bolts for lock sideways
2 x smaller magnets

1 x rack for lower wall mount
4 x elements for holding pivots
2 x pivots

construction manual
23 high quality metal parts (stainless steel, aluminium)